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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  January 24, 2015 9:00pm-9:31pm PST

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thank you so much for joining us. good evening i'm leyla gulen. >> i'm matt keller. thousands of anti-abortion rights protesters marched through san francisco today. they came from all over the country to push the change for u.s. law and were met with resistance. abc7 news report erer bernard has more. >> reporter: it began with a rally at civic center. thousands of anti-abortion advocates calling for it to be outlawed. came from auburn with four kids. >> want to tell society there's
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other options for abortion, pregnancies unplanned. >> we shouldn't have to be forced to support something we don't believe in. >> reporter: an estimated 50,000 people then joined the walk for life west coast and headed down marcus street. >> to protect life. it needs to be respected. >> reporter: the annual march coincides with the anniversary of roe vs. wade that legalized abortion. the house bill tightens federal restrictions on abortion but president obama warrants he will veto. >> he's going to do what he's going to do. he's the president but doesn't mean we can't make a stand for righteousness. >> reporter: at the finish line a small group of proabortion rights activists tried to shut the marchers down. police officers stood between both sides. tony mendocino was part of the
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group, radical women. >> we're here on safe legal abortion and also are here for child care for health care and we're here for women to be able to make full informed choices. >> try to take a re productive right for women is o prezzive and doesn't make any sense to me. >> reporter: this march was peaceful. abc7 news. the oakland city organized a special hearing to hear the community response on the black white member movement. wanted to hear from community leaders and individuals about their concerns raised and recent protests against police. they also wanted to discuss how the city would help improve police community relations. congresswoman barbara lee said in attendance she's working to stop profiling and get weapons of war off the street. >> i hope this street protest
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and all the engagement now we see across the country will insist that we get members of congress to vote for this because we do not need these weapons of war on the streets. of any community in this country. >> oakland city council scheduled another black lives matter hearing for february 3rd. the first "charlie hebdo" newspaper since this month's massacre went on sale in san francisco. one store nearly sold out. we just checked smoke signals and had less than 40 to sell. a weeping saying jesuis charlie after killing the satirical newspaper on january 7th. sparked more overseas violence. people calling all day to reserve copies. one man drove from sacramento this afternoon. >> most of the people who want it are not french. they're not french people. just the souvenir of that awful
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event that happened. >> the newspaper sells smoke signals for $11.95. some copies going for more than $100 on ebay. no bombs found on planes after two threats today. police bomb and dog teams searched two planes at hartsfield-jackson airport in atlanta. two twitter threats of the plane. milwaukee and a delta airlines flight from portland. the military dispatch two f-16 fighter jets to shadow the planes until they arrive safely at the airport. two waves at the pacific ocean. came crashing down today keeping most people out of the water. coast guard made sure beach goers were safe and a high surf advisory from sonoma county to big sur and lasts through the weekend. two sets of waves can stack up in these conditions making them extra dangerous. in santa cruz a similar sight.
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rocky shores at the marina. beach weather in january. >> beach weather certainly, matt. 70s in a lot of spots but the issue was the wave hikes and certainly rather high. high as 25 feet closer to the coast, 15 feet and some of the wave action could make it ride up along the coastline. we have the high surf advisory in effect for noon for waves up to 15 feet. breakers over large rocks and strong rip currents for the next 36 hours. the other big story, very warm today. oakland making a new rofrd with a high of 72 degrees. clover detailale and santa cruz. we'll detail numbers in the full accu-weather forecast coming up. workers at a liquor store are cleaning up after a car slammed into its front window. watch as surveillance video
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captured this volvo crashing into the apvian food and liquor store. the driver was parking his car got distracted while talking on his cell phone and hit the gas. the car shattered the glass front door and knocked over a lottery machine inside causing about $3,000 in damage. no one was hurt including the driver. a woman in jail accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed an 84-year-old woman crossing the street in oakland. it happened friday morning at 18th avenue in the san antonio neighborhood. police arrested 30-year-old ann park early this morning. she's booked in the san ai reta jail and monday morning. ahead on abc7 news at 9:00 why california judges distance themselves from the boy kout scouts of america. the bay area neighborhood comes together to solve a blight problem. won't recognize this home after the work is done. san diego zoo one of just five on earth that's sick.
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california state judges cannot serve as leaders in the boy scouts. that order comes from the california supreme court because the group discriminates against gay leaders. openly gay boys can't participate in the scouts but
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gay and lesbian adults are banned as serving as leaders based on a 1996 rule banning judges from belonging to groups that discriminate on sexual orientation. judges have one year to comply with the new rule. san jose banded together to help fight blight. here's wha the home on kennel worth way looked like before. garbage was everywhere. they had problems with the owners. the lyndale association came to the rescue hoping clean up and remodel the home. crews cleared out 27 tons of garbage. neighbors say they transformed the home and the block. >> the previous owners were very, very horrible to the neighbors. so much so that children couldn't play anymore in the neighborhood that was drug selling, there was squatting going on. litter everywhere. you know, they're so much haerp now that this eyesore is taken care of, the owner is gone to have a much better street here.
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>> today, potential homeowners had a chance to check out the much improved home at its first open house. >> looks great. coming up next on abc7 news at 9:00, space x and the airports apparently made up. why agree to drop the competitiveness lawsuit. >> wint ser feeling a lot like spring. drew tuma is up next with your forecast. >> final take on deflate gate with the patriots before super bowl xlix kicks off. the cowears
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expect to pay more for super
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bowl snacks. chicken wing prices are higher. fewer chickens slaughter and demand for wings around the country is very high. good news, wings expected to be plumper than usual. american chicken farmers give their poultry extra feed thanks to lower corn and soybean cost. 'lan musk company space x is no longer suing the u.s. air force. dropped its lawsuit on friday. the suit accused the air force of not giving space x a chance to get properly lyly certified to flight. reached together to work on that sfrgs moving forward. an endangered north white rhino could help save the species after it's extinct. it became ill earlier this week. now keepers are preparing for the worst. they plan to collect the 40-year-old rhino's eggs after she dies. her male counterpart at the zoo
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died unexpectedly just two weeks ago. they already collected his sperm. scientists will freeze the reap ductive tissues in hopes to have a new white rhino in the surrogate rhino. it's been successful with similar projects in the past. certainly feeling like san diego weather here in the bay area, right? >> kind of flip-flopped. temperatures well above normal continuing into the sunday and more records shattered over the next 24 hours. warp-up is going to stick around another day. live doppler hd right now. skies clear all day into the overnight hours. we head oddutside. downtown san francisco, stars are out. not a cloud in the sky and temperatures are on the mild side. so currently right now in san francisco, it's 55 degrees. oakland sitting at 53. hayward at 57. san jose at 57 degrees as well. mountain view, 56 and fairfield at a temperature of 45 degrees.
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as we look at the overnight period, fog developing once again through the carquinez street in delta but what we have in the early hours on sunday an active wind in the east turns up the atmosphere and get the fog on in the early hours of sunday. by the afternoon, we setons of sunshine across the region. warm highs once again. satellite radar is going to be a cold front well to the west going to get deflected to the north once again. the system is the pattern that has january two areas of high pressure over us with the clear skies. dry conditions and warming temperatures. a look at future temperatures as we head into sunday afternoon. a lot of 70s on the board from half-moon bay, san jose santa rosa, morgan hill. these numbers well above normal this time of year. take a look at the sunday record that will likely fall by the afternoon hours tomorrow, oakland once again likely make a new record beating the old one set back a year ago of 73 degrees. same f san jose and gilroy. san francisco right now, the
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record forecasting a high of 69 degrees and record is 74 set well back in 1899 even napa looks safe with the record of 83 degrees. along with this warmth on sunday, another spare the air is in effect. so poor air quality forecasted especially until the north bay and that means once again no wood burning on your sunday. overnight lows in the bay area, 30 and falling to 46 in san mateo. 40 in concord with some patchy fog. 39 in san jose and dropping to 48 in downtown san francisco. that fog quickly burns off and by the afternoon it's total sunshine across the region but hazy skies. the spare the air in effect to 75 in santa rosa. 74 in oakland and same in san jose and livermore, mild with a high of 70 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow for the record highs on sunday. clouds move in on sunday with the temperature downward swing going to low 70s.
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by tuesday there is a slight chance of some moisture a storm is beginning to move to the east of our region. a sprinkle specifically in the south bay. nothing widespread, fortunately. by wednesday some sunshine but cloudy here and temperatures into the 60s. but this cooloff relatively speaking, short lived. by thursday friday, and saturday, temperatures well back up into the 70s as well and saturday featuring plenty of sunshine and possibility of more records dropping again. >> can't play basketball in flip-flops, can you? >> no but from one athlete to another. >> i know you're not talking to me. >> i consider myself a ballet dancer. we tip off with college hoops looking to kick start a win streak after losing the last five. seventh ranked arizona with a 17-2 record. ready as they always are.
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stanley a freshman but ready. de vare. but you can't miss when you duck. david travis shows us how. this game tied at 13 in the half. johnson and arizona run away. right now, arizona is up 57-35. we'll have the complete highlights coming up for you at 11:00. on to the senior bowl where college all stars show the game to pro scouts hoping to enhance their draft status this game especially important for smaller schools that didn't get the national recognition during the season. tom montgomery didn't have the catch. 26 right here. can't complain on sunday, trust me. defense an anderson left of your screen, a clear shot of blake sims but the alabama quarterback able to get away. sanford players victorious north team. tyler var ga one of the strong guys from yale. a 7 yard touchdown. he had two tds on the day as a
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win, 34-14 final. good news for the niners. reportedly the front-runner for the offensive coordinator position but will stay in alabama for second season. move their interest to colts assistant rob sha shinski. but not good when they don't want to join the 49ers. in super bowl, also disguised as a bellhop. i blew right by him. didn't even recognize him. no wonder i didn't get much playing time. first of five super bowl i was rocking the long hair there. yeah. all right. burns is the representative in tomorrow's nhl always game in columbus and took turns in the skills competition. vetting in the art is shot. 88 miles per hour set by daniel sharo. shot clock at 97.6. 108.5 miles per hour with the
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record. same as matt keller's drive home to san jose. the upside american women madison faced petra vadivika. up in the second, madsondeison ripped the forehand. got a triple match. kavitika, on your screen. madison bring l in the next round. second team, maria sharapova. 27 winners in this short hour 15 match as on the rope, drills forehand winner. sharapova moves on to the quarter finals for the second time in the aussie open. back hand winner there. winning it straight 6-3. novak djokovic looking for the ninth straight year facing fernando. stays home. down the line. nice touch.
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good. takes the second set. no back at 11 as. and he's moving op to the round of 16 winning a straight set. pga down south the humana challenge. michael putnam, a fourway tie for first. 16 observant day with shots like this. math kuchar, look at this shot on 17. rock over the green. gets his ball washed. on the east side fifth. one back. tonight at 11:00 p.m. on kgo, former teammate dwight hick back in the area for live action football. great story. hope to see you then. >> former teammate for you. re he recognized bill walsh. >> i said, do you see bill as a bellhop? i said, i walked by him. next on abc7 news at 9:00, old carpet ripped out of an airport.
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>> why this carpet's removal has thousands mourning its passing
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an about face by the dmv when it comes to uber, lift and other ride services. the potential road block removed residents of one san francisco neighborhood shut down a muni construction project keeping them overnight but will relief be short lived? on abc7 news at 11:00 nchts. portland, oregon the most mundane items can be iconic. getting their hand on carpet at portland international airport. >> the carpet with the '90s design pattern covered for two decades. it's ripped out thanks to social media, become a sensation over the last few years. making an appearance in thousands of selfies. the carpet has two facebook pages with 12000 fans. a beer is named after it along with t-shirts pillows, bags and a woman has a tattoo of the design on her back.
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large chunks are being cut out to be distributed to the public. new carpet will be instaumed later this year. >> nol just with residents but with bacteria. >> a segment on portlandia. >> exactly. that's it for abc7 news at 9:00. >> thank you, our next newscast at 11:00 p.m. on kgo. >> have a great night everyone.
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>> warning: please do not attempt any of the activities presented in this show. they're dangerous and could cause serious injury. [cheering] >> ok, just so we're all clear here, i do not pick these clips. >> "what went down." today on "what went down..." winter sports. motor sports. >> oh!
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>> office sports? and later, this sportsman goes


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